3 Signs It's Time To Repave Your Old Asphalt Driveway

25 July 2017
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If your property has an old asphalt driveway, you may start wondering if the time has come to have it repaved. If so, look for the following three signs that your driveway is deteriorating rapidly and needs to be repaved:

Puddles Are Present When It Rains

This first warning sign that your driveway's asphalt is deteriorating can be seen the next time it rains. While the rain is still falling, look at your driveway to see if any water is collecting and forming puddles.

If you do see puddles, this is an indication that the asphalt has started to dip. This dipping could be caused by either the ground giving way underneath the driveway or a breakdown of the asphalt. Either way, the driveway's structure has become weak, causing it to eventually break apart under the weight of your vehicle.

Multiple Cracks and Potholes

Another sign to look for is the presence of multiple cracks and potholes. Over time, the constant exposure to moisture, temperature extremes, and direct sunlight can weaken the asphalt to the point that it would not take much to crack it.

With an older driveway, it may be normal to see a few cracks or have a small pothole that could easily be patched. However, if your driveway is riddled with damage, its structure is no longer able to hold up to the weather or the weight of vehicles driving over it. The driveway should be inspected by a professional paver to determine the full extent of the damage.

Surface Starts Chipping Away

Along with cracks and potholes, you can check the stability of your driveway by seeing if the surface chips away under light trauma. You can do this using a flathead screwdriver. To get an overall idea as to the condition of your driveway, do the following test in several areas of the pavement.

To perform the test, place the flat end of the screwdriver against the asphalt at a 45-degree angle. Press down slightly, then close the angle until your hand touches the asphalt. If pieces of asphalt easily chip away, it is time to have your driveway repaved.  

If you notice any or all of the warning signs above, you should seriously consider having your driveway repaved before it deteriorates even further. Contact an asphalt paving contractor to have them examine your old driveway and discuss your options for either repaving the top surface or replacing the entire driveway.

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