Choose Asphalt As Your Pavement

26 July 2017
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When you are looking to pave your driveway, do not try to overcomplicate things by trying different materials. If you are serious about paving your driveway then you will use the same material that the government uses for the majority of road installation in the United States, asphalt. There is a very good reason that the government and other commercial contractors use asphalt. It is notorious for lasting a very long time, and it looks incredibly nice when it is put down properly. When you are looking to pave your road, you can keep it simple and use asphalt. Here are a few reasons to use asphalt over any other paving material.


Asphalt can take the punishment of a United State freeway or highway, so the material is going to be able to handle your car a few times day. The reason that asphalt is so durable is because it's created using limestone aggregate rock and bitumen. The two are mixed together to form a very viscous solution, and then the solution is poured. Once the solution is poured onto the foundation and steamrolled, it creates an hard surface that makes for an incredibly nice paved surface. The material is designed to allow water to drain, so it can withstand freeze then thaw cycles. 


The rock aggregate and bitumen that are used to create the asphalt slab, are completely re-usable. In fact there is a very good chance that the aggregate and the bitumen that is being used to pour your driveway was a part of another road at one time. The ability to reuse the material is a huge bonus when thinking of the planet. 


Over time there is no doubt that the asphalt slab is going to start to crack and erode away. The good news is that asphalt is one of the materials that can be easily fixed. When you see a crack in your asphalt you can prevent the further spread of the crack by sealing it up. You will find polymer sealants at most home improvement stores that are built specifically to put inside a crack in asphalt. This seals the crack and prevents further spread. You can also seal the entire slab of concrete. Having the asphalt sealcoated just simply increases the life of the asphalt that is your driveway. A good sealcoat can even repair small potholes and cracks in your asphalt slab.