Choosing The Best Asphalt Paving Base

26 July 2017
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If you have a gravel or dirt driveway and want it replaced with an asphalt paved one, then you likely understand that asphalt can last a long time. This longevity relies heavily on the preparation procedures that are implemented during the installation. One of the most important is the installation of a strong and secure base. Keep reading to understand how to choose a base that will retain the strength you desire. 

Pick The Right Depth

Stone base depths can range from about four to eight inches. While a deeper and larger base obviously means a more sturdy driveway, the depth is not always required. However, you will need the full eight inches of stone if your soil is wet or if it has poor drainage. If you notice puddles on your property, water in your basement, or wet soil days after it rains, then these things signify a drainage issue. 

Drainage problems are not always apparent, though, especially if the issue develops well below the ground and out of sight. Issues can be noted by investigating the soil and its makeup. Soil sampling should be completed at depths far below the earth, so make sure this type of testing is completed. If the soil is made from hard packed materials like clay, then the stone base should be eight inches. If the soil contains a combination of loam and clay, for example, then stone bases can be completed in the six inch range instead. Finally, if the soil has good drainage and is made from loose and well aerated soil, then a four inch base may be more than enough.

Choose The Right Stones

Stone bases and the materials used to create them vary depending on your location. However, your contractor may supply you with several different types of stone that you can choose from. Crushed stone and conbit are most commonly used and are good choices for most regions of the country. Crushed stone is made from large rock formations that are crushed to create gravel. Conbit is made from bits of recycled and crushed concrete and asphalt materials. 

Both crushed stone and conbit are relatively inexpensive and readily available. However, the installation of the stone may not be enough to secure the base of your driveway. Your contractor may suggest the placement of a cement dust and also compaction of the base. Other methods may also be used to secure the base, so make sure to ask your contractor about this so you know that the stones will not budge once they are properly secured. 

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