Why It Is Best To Leave Driveway Crack Repair To The Professionals

27 July 2017
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Has your driveway developed cracks? They may even be so bad that weeds have started growing in the middle of the driveway. While it may be tempting to repair these cracks on your own, this is one job that is best left to a professional. The repair process can be harder than you think since it requires some specific knowledge of how paving works.

Professional Pavers Will Apply A Tack Coat

A paving contractor will be able to assess the damage to your driveway and determine if it can be repaired or if it needs replacement. You may be lucky and discover that you can get buy with having an overlay installed that will fix the driveway crack. Overlay materials will still look great and be very high quality, but the most difficult step will be the tack coat application.

The tack coat is the key to the whole repair coming together, since it helps the old and new asphalt bond with each other to create a unified driveway. Without a proper tack coat, your driveway could look just as bad as it did before. For instance, the crack may be filled, but it could look like you have damage caused from an earthquake.

While you can attempt to install a tack coat on your own, there is a chance of doing it wrong when you've never done it before. Leave this step to the professionals to guarantee proper repair.

Professional Pavers Know How To Fix All Damage

The DIY repair solutions you may find online involve filling a crack with gravel before adding cold-mix asphalt, tampering, and sealing. This quick fix might take care of the large cracks for now, but it does not help prevent future damage from occurring since the repair was not done right. It is much more difficult to repair damage from hairline fractures that are small.

Cracking means that there is an underlying problem that must be addressed, and filling the cracks is different from fixing the problem that caused the crack. You must have the problem repaired or those hairline cracks will turn into big cracks over time.

Professional Pavers Know About Asphalt

There is more to repairing asphalt than applying a cold-mix by following the directions. For instance, some climates may be better suited for using hot mix asphalt. Fixing damage also requires knowledge about runoff so that the water flows properly off the driveway. It's alright if you don't know about all the intricacies of asphalt, which is why you should leave the repair to the professionals so it is done correctly. Visit a site like http://www.interstatepavingllc.com for more information.