How To Prolong The Life Of Your Asphalt Pavement

2 August 2017
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An asphalt pavement will begin to deteriorate as a result of weather and exposure to the sun. This may lead to you eventually needing to hire residential paving services. However, in order to prolong the time between now and when you will need to hire residential paving services, there are some actions you can take:

Protect From Moisture, Chemicals, And Petroleum

Water is one of the most common factors that can cause your asphalt to deteriorate. By using slopes and by having areas where water can drain away from the asphalt, you can prevent water from penetrating and washing the base underneath. Seal coating is another way to protect asphalt from the elements. Another option is to use a slurry seal. This is a thicker alternative to seal coating which comes with other aggregate and additives. 

Exposure to chemicals and petroleum can cause the asphalt to soften and can cause it to break down more quickly. If you have a car that is leaking petroleum, not only does this need to be corrected in order to protect your car, but this also needs to be corrected to protect your driveway.

Protect From Sunlight

Unfortunately, some elements are difficult to prevent. For instance, sunlight will inevitably impact your asphalt driveway by drying out liquid asphalt that holds together aggregate. This allows for water to penetrate and cause damage to the asphalt. Sealcoating can reduce the damage that is caused by sunlight. The damage that results needs to be corrected using other methods.

Filling In Cracks

If your asphalt develops cracks, you will want to use a crack fill. If this is not done, moisture will infiltrate through the cracks and the moisture will make its way to the subgrade. Crack filler is an elastic material that seals joints and cracks. However, if you are experiencing severe cracks, such as alligator cracks, it is recommended that you perform a full-depth patch. Block cracking will require a thin overlay. Edge cracking is best corrected by improving drainage and removing vegetation that is close to the edge of the asphalt. 

Proper Installation

Proper asphalt installation is essential if you are concerned about how long your asphalt driveway will last, especially if heavy vehicles will be driving across your driveway. Therefore, if your asphalt is damaged, make sure that you do not replace it yourself and that you have your asphalt driveway installed by a professional contractor.

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