How To Make Repairs To An Asphalt Driveway

9 August 2017
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Asphalt driveways look so nice when they are first paved, or even after they're sealed. They look clean and beautiful, but over time that driveway can get cracks in it, dips or begin to crumble if not taken care of properly. Those cracks and dips can be repaired, but if your driveway is crumbling, you may want to think about having a new driveway installed. See below for instructions on how to make repairs to your asphalt driveway.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Asphalt patch kit
  • Asphalt crack fill
  • Chisel
  • Shop vacuum
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Weed killer


  1. For cracks or dips that have weeds growing through, you'll need to get rid of the weeds to prevent them from growing back through the patch or crack fill. You can try to burn out the weeds or use a weed killer to kill them.
  2. Remove the weed debris and any other debris inside using a stiff bristle brush or a shop vacuum. 
  3. Next, for cracks that are less than an inch, use crack fill (it looks similar to caulk). Fill in the crack with the crack fill and smooth it with a gloved finger or a metal scraper.
  4. For dips or holes in the driveway, you should use a patch kit. The patch will need to be used on a warmer day, as the sun will heat the patch and allow it to be manipulated into the dip or hole.
  5. Fill in the dip or hole with the patch and use a tamper to tamp down the patch into the area so it is level and even with the rest of your driveway.
  6. Use a piece of wood and lay it on the patch, then drive over the patch to help get it to adhere to your driveway and to help tamp it down further.
  7. Once finished, remove the wood and don't drive on it for at least 48 hours (or read the manufacturer's instructions for a curing time). Driving on the patch may cause it to sink down, ruining your patch job.

After patching and filling in the cracks, use sealer to seal the driveway. Sealing your driveway will help give it a new coating and protect the rest of the driveway from damage. You can seal your driveway yourself, or leave it to a professional paving contractor instead. Talk to a paving contractor about making repairs to your driveway, having it sealed, or a complete replacement.