3 Tips For Preparing A Pothole In Your Business's Parking Lot For Asphalt Patching

11 August 2017
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If you have a large hole in your business's parking lot, you may decide to try to patch it yourself. However, you may be unsure about how to prepare the hole and surrounding surface for the patch. If so, use the tips below for preparing the pothole in your parking lot before applying an asphalt patch.

Remove All Big Pieces of Asphalt

The first thing you should do when preparing the pothole for a patch is to remove any leftover pieces of asphalt. If you try to patch the hole without doing this step, you risk having the patch crack and break apart shortly after you apply it.

Since the large pieces do not provide a sturdy surface for the patch, they could shift when pressure is applied by a vehicle. A shift could also occur when the material expands and contracts during weather changes. If they do shift, they will pull on the patch's material, creating breakage.

Chip Any Loose Asphalt from Around the Hole's Edges

Along with any large pieces, you also want to make sure you remove any loose asphalt around the edges of the pothole. If you do not, the smaller pieces may pull the patch away from the edges of the hole, creating gaps between the patch and existing asphalt.

To chip away the loose asphalt, use a large flathead screwdriver. For pieces that are obviously loose, pry them free with the end of the tool. Then, run the screwdriver along the inner edges, apply moderate pressure that will break free any remaining pieces.

Rinse Away Remaining Debris and Dust

After you have removed the large and small pieces of loose asphalt, you should thoroughly clean the surface by rinsing away any remaining debris or dust. Having a clean surface before applying the patch ensures that it has a solid foundation on which to stick.

If you find a lot of dust or oily residue has formed in and around the pothole, spray a solution of one tablespoon of dish detergent per one cup of water on the area to soften and cut the dirt and oil. Then, use a pressure washer to rinse the area clean.

Using the above tips can give your a clean, solid surface on which to apply the patch. However, if you are worried about doing it yourself or have noticed numerous potholes in your parking lot, contact a paving contractor to discuss your options for having them do your asphalt patching work for you.