Addressing Four Problems Your Paved Driveway May Experience

14 August 2017
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A paved driveway can be a feature of your property that you must use on a daily basis. While a driveway will be an essential feature of your property, it may also be one part of the grounds that you are uninformed about repairing. Considering that there are various problems that your driveway may experience, it is critical for you to be aware of these problems so that you can correct these issues before they allow major damage to the pavement to occur:


You may eventually notice that your driveway is starting to sink into the ground. This can occur due to the soil under the pavement being unable to support the substantial weight of the pavement. You can minimize this type of damage by having support rods placed under the pavement. These rods will spread the weight from the pavement over a larger area of the soil, which can help to compensate for the loose soil.


Potholes can be a pavement problem that can be extremely damaging to your vehicles. Hitting these holes in your pavement can cause the tire to rupture, the wheels to come out of alignment or the axle to break. While it is fairly simple work to patch a pothole, it is important to address the underlying cause of the potholes if you are to prevent them from returning. Often, this problem will be due to poor drainage leading to the soil under the pavement eroding. Therefore, you may want to have a soil analysis performed so that you will know whether it has drainage issues. When this is the case, you can improve the drainage through the application of gravel around the pavement or gutters installed along the perimeter.  


Faded concrete can be extremely unattractive. This is typically a problem that will only affect older pavement, but you can help to prevent this issue from ruining the appearance of your driveway by keeping a sealcoat applied to the pavement. A sealcoat should be applied every couple of years so that your driveway will be kept a rich color.


There are few driveway problems that will be more common than cracks. Once a crack has formed on your driveway, you will need to repair it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will find that these minor damages spread across much of the surface of the driveway. Repairing cracked concrete will require the use of a filler material and a small amount of concrete to apply over the surface.

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