3 Recommendations To Keep Your Asphalt In Good Repair

30 October 2017
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Keeping your asphalt in good repair and well-maintained can help it last as long as possible before you need to resurface it to renew its condition. Here are three recommendations to help you keep up and repair the condition of your asphalt.

Spot Clean

Asphalt provides the surface on which your vehicles drive and park, and unfortunately, this surface becomes spot-stained and spilled upon by vehicle fluids. Most types of vehicle fluids that leak from the engines and wheels of your vehicle can deteriorate the binders that hold together the aggregate gravel within your asphalt pavement. Brake fluid, oil, and gasoline are some types of fluids that can dissolve the asphalt's emulsion. Cleaning these stains from your asphalt as soon as possible can help prevent damage.

Soak up any freshly-spilled oil and brake fluid with cat litter. Sprinkle the cat litter over the stain and, after it has absorbed as much of the fluid as possible, sweep it up and discard it in the trash.

Next, apply an asphalt cleaner or a cleaner that removes grease to the spot and use some water and a long-handled scrub brush to clean the area. Scrub the stains and rinse them from the surface of the asphalt with a garden hose or pressure washer. Be sure you rinse them fully from the asphalt and onto the surrounding surface to prevent further damage.

Remove Fluid Damage

If any vehicle fluids have remained on your asphalt for a period of time, they can begin to dissolve the asphalt and cause it to become pitted and the gravel to loosen from the pavement. When this occurs, you will need to cut out the section of asphalt with a circular saw and a masonry blade. Patching over the damage will not stop the spot's deterioration into the asphalt.

To remove the damage, make a cut several inches around the perimeter of area of damage, then remove the layer of asphalt. You can use a shovel, pick-axe, or similar tool to pull up the damaged asphalt.

After removal of the damaged asphalt, replace it with new hot mix asphalt or cold mix bagged asphalt repair filler, which you can find at most home improvement stores. It can be helpful to order hot mix asphalt from a local asphalt company if you have several repairs to complete.

Repair Cracks

Repairing cracks over the surface of your asphalt is also an important part of keeping your asphalt in good repair. Depending on the size of the crack, you should use an appropriate type of crack filler. Bur first, clean out the cracks of any debris, dirt, cracked asphalt, and vegetation growth. Use the end of a sharp tool to remove the vegetation growth and a broom or pressure washer to clean out dirt and debris. Fill each thin crack with a liquid emulsion crack filler and thicker cracks with a cold patch crack filler, which you compact into the crack.

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, turn to a professional asphalt repair service, like J R Paving Co, to help you maintain the look of your asphalt driveway.